Sentry actually helps parents protect their children


Sentry offers a wide range of features


Suspicious Images

Receive an alert when a suspicious image is detected on your child's device.

App Usage Report

See which apps are used the most and how much time is spent on them.

Phone Calls Monitoring

Receive an alert when an unwanted number is calling your child.

Suspicious Text

Receive an alert when a suspicious text in SMS, Social Media or Messaging App is detected on your child's device.

Location Tracking

Know where your child actually is.

Web Monitoring

See if your child is exposed to inappropriate online content.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Install Sentry Parent application from Google Store
2. Open Sentry Parent application and register by entering your email and choosing password.
3. Once you are in the main screen, press the '+' button to add new kid's phone.
4. Choose a name for your kid's device and enter his/hers phone number to send the installation link for Sentry Kid application.
5. The created device will appear as a pending device in the list.
6. Take your kid's phone and check the arrived SMS message with an installation link.
*** If the link did not arrive to your kid's phone, you can download Sentry Kid application directly fromGoogle Store
7. After installing the Sentry Kid application, open the application and allow all the required permissions and services.
8. If all the permissions enabled you will see a green «V» mark near all the services.
*** If you see a 'Login Parent' button near the 'Done' button, press it and fill in the kid's device name and login with email and password you registered with in Sentry Parent application.
9. Press 'Done' button, which will exit the Sentry Kid application. The device is connected and ready for monitoring.
10. Go to your Sentry Parent application (refresh the screen if needed) and enter your kid's device.

On your kid's device go to Settings >>> Security & location >>> Device admin apps >>> Disable Sentry Kid app. Now you should be able to uninstall the application.

The images are blurred intentionally to protect the person that might be in the picture, but should be clear enough to give you enough details to understand what is in the picture.

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